About the WeedConnect App

Back in 2017, there were 40 million cannabis users in the United States and an estimated 182 million worldwide, according to the UN World Drug Report. As cannabis prohibition slowly comes to an end globally, those numbers have only increased in the past two years. The numbers continue to climb, but the problems within the cannabis industry have also started to present themselves more frequently.

Cannabis retailers find themselves harshly restricted by what financial institutions they can use, how they can label their products, and more. On the other side, cannabis users find themselves limited to the suppliers that only offer low-quality bottleneck items or unauthorized distributors that use harmful substances during their cannabis cultivation process.

WeedConnect brings both retailers and consumers a digital solution that solves everything.

Weedconnect app features

The WeedConnect platform was engineered to have a variety of useful and efficient features that make the life of a cannabis lover easier. At the same time, it’s designed to make it a breeze for reliable, trustworthy weed brands to find consumers. Let’s look at all the exciting main features you can expect when using our platform:

Social interactions to a whole new level

Cannabis users and lovers all around the world can interact and connect with each other to form new relationships through our social media platform. Each user will have the choice to interact with people across the globe. They can view their profiles, connect by clicking on the Grow User button, and like and comment on each other’s statuses.

You’ll have the chance to find a smoking buddy in your area using the WeedConnect Network (WCN). Using WCN, you’ll be able to swipe from left to right to choose the right smoking buddy for you. You’ll be able to filter to look for anyone, a female, or a male, among other filtering options.

Buy Legal Weed Supplies – Straight from the App!

Let’s not sugarcoat the fact that the cannabis industry has a run of tainted supplies. There are brands that still use pesticides, don’t have the rigorous standards we need them to meet, or just don’t live up to the quality we’re looking for on behalf of the consumers that use our platform.

Through WeedConnect, we ensure that you can find an authentic cannabis product listed on the app for you to purchase. You’ll have a full marketplace to look for legal weed supplies. You can buy supplies direct from the coffee or grow shop that you’ll later be able to comment and review on to rate your experience.

If you use the cryptocurrency WCN tokens to pay you get a discount code for your order, but you’ll also have the option to pay with a credit card. Our future goal is to make the WCN tokens accepted in all coffee shops across different countries.

Coffee Shops to Connect and Chat

WeedConnect users will be able to use the app to find coffee shops anywhere in this world with this specific feature. You can later rate and comment on the coffee shops to provide your experience for future users. Coffee and weed go hand in hand – meet others like you who love both and meet up to chat.

Find a Smoke Buddy Button

Whether you want to meet up in a coffee shop or just meet somewhere fun to smoke, you can use the Find a Smoke Buddy feature to meet up with someone just like you. The most relaxing feature the app has to offer, users can connect with other users for a joint, bowl, or other way to smoke. Feel confident in the safety and security of those we let use our app – you can trust in the smoke buddies in your area.

WeedConnect Approved

A final feature to note is the WeedConnect approved sticker that you will see across the coffee shops that earn the esteem. The best coffee shops across the globe will earn this sticker, earning featured spots on the front page and higher rankings for more smoke buddies to discover them.

What is the WeedConnect app?

The WeedConnect app is a social media platform for weed enthusiasts where they can also buy their own legal cannabis supplies. They can connect, interact, plan, and feel confident in the safety and security of their transactions.

Our platform users will find it easier to buy legal weed supplied from our social app. You’ll be able to pay with credit card, debit card, or our new native cryptocurrency – the HIGH Token. Using our cryptocurrency limits the transaction fees you’ll face, eliminates the fear of currency fluctuations, and you’ll be given a discount for using that payment method.

We make an effort to promote and reward the use of our cryptocurrency to make it safer and easier to make legal cannabis transactions, whether you’re a consumer or retailer.

The WeedConnect app goes further than that, though. We want to create an avenue for people around the globe to connect, even if it’s just relaxing together with a joint. At the same time, we recommend which places have the best joints, the best places to have a joint, and everywhere in between. You’ll be able to get your supply, find fellow companions to partake with, and trust in the comments we allow on our platform. You’ll never see fake comments filling up the dispensaries or coffee shops on WeedConnect – we prefer the bold, blunt, transparent truth.