WCN token

Weedconnect is a community of people interested in cannabis. More than interested, consumers want a safe way to get their green and learn more about the plant they consume. That’s why we created the WCN Token.

What is WCN Token?

The Weedconnect platform uses its own crypto-currency to allow for safer, easier transactions between cannabis retailers and their consumers. Characterized by its own crypto-token, ERC20, Weedconnect goes by the ticker “WCN” to make transactions on the platform a breeze.With very low transaction costs for users, Weedconnect guarantees a high-quality transaction every time. No matter which cannabis product you’re in search of, our platform opens the door for retailers to readily provide them to you.

Using peer-to-peer technology, WCN Token is a means of payment that cuts out any other middle man between customer and seller. When you pay using WCN Token, no financial service provider is necessary for your transaction.There’s no risk for you to lose control of your currency, while simultaneously bypassing any possible problems that credit card issuers or other means of payment may impose for cannabis products in the future. That’s what we call an easy weed deal.

Keeping the Cannabis Industry Secure

WCN Token can be used as a payment interface for both retailers and consumers. WCN has the cannabis industry-specific unique selling proposition point that allows it to go far beyond the benefits of any other cryptocurrency.At the point of sale, participating points of acceptance will have the opportunity to trade their WCN tokens against standard currencies. This is what directly bypasses any potential problems that some will face as cannabis products grow more popular. Financial institutions and credit card issuers may set strict taxes, fees, or other restrictions on transactions that involve cannabis products, so WCN is a way to work around that.

Further adding to its benefit in the cannabis world, the WCN currency token value is less affected by currency fluctuations than standard currencies. It’s part of the Weedconnect vision that acceptance points and retailers advertise their prices primarily in WCN currency and not in their local currency to further strengthen the token value. Even though local currency will fluctuate, the WCN token value could remain the same.

The Future of the Cannabis Industry

Retailers can scratch worrying about a financial institution that accepts cannabis product transactions. Consumers can scratch worrying about their bank accounts being canceled because they purchased a cannabis product. The future of the cannabis industry is now, and it’s here with the WCN Token as its cryptocurrency foundation.Together, Weedconnect can make it safer for both consumer and cannabis retailer to make easy transactions and spread the benefits the plant has to offer. This is a payment interface, a means of payment, and a platform all in one, ready to meet the demands the future of the cannabis industry has in place. As the country moves to legalize the plant on a national scale, a currency that can stay stabilized throughout it all is something cannabis users everywhere can take solace in.

Token distribution

Name: Weedconnect
Ticker: WCN
Token: ERC20
Total supply: 420.000.000