Meet the Weedconnect Team

Meet the team behind the scenes that makes the Weedconnect platform possible. Everyone here loves to connect people with other people. We love helping people! That led us to make a social media app that continuously gives us the chance to bring people together doing something they all love. Whether you want to find others to smoke a joint with, have a laugh, or just enjoy the day, the team here at Weedconnect aims to give you that as a genuine option.

Our Story

Our passion for cannabis goes further than wanting to help people smoke some bud. We understand how invaluable CBD is for its medicinal properties. CBD offers pain relief, reduces stress and anxiety, and can help relieve some people’s chronic pain depending on the right strength and dosage. By selling CBD, we’re able to help even more people enjoy the plant we know is nothing short of a miracle herb.

We don’t pretend to be experts on what works for you; nothing we recommend should be considered medical advice, and you should always talk with your physician before switching or adding to your treatment regimen. What we do know is what cannabis has done for us, our families, our friends, and everyone else involved on the Weedconnect platform. We aim to keep bringing access to valuable information to the cannabis lovers of the world that just want things to be made a little simpler.

The Weedconnect Goal

Every individual that makes up the Weedconnect team has one goal in mind: bring people closer to people the best way we know how. The fast-expanding world of cannabis is only getting bigger, and we know that the market will get harder and harder to swim through.

We want to simplify the weed game; make it easier for consumer and cannabis retailer alike. We want to cut out the financial institution middle man that takes excessive fees and abhorrent taxes out of the transaction on both sides. Cannabis is enjoyable and fun, and the community that’s constantly expanding is only becoming more wholesome – we want to help be a part of the movement that spreads that joy across the world.

Wesley Pauw

CEO & Co-Founder

Aidan Carr

Project manager

Chelsea Ellis

Legal Advisor

Anthony Abunassar


Jonas Beer

Product Creator

Tatiana Pogrebetskaya

Business Development Manager

Behzad Radgizadeh

Marketing Specialist

John Arnie Carcedo

Project Manager

Marcos White

Content Production Manager

Faisal Jamal

Founder of Redstorm Scientific

Mathew Weitzman

Marketing Manager

David Lowe

Marketing & Branding Specialist

Neil Brewster

Lead Developer

Matthew Herbert

Advisor & Business Strategist

Theresa Avery

Content Manager

Thomas Wrona

Content Strategist