Our brand

When we first started WeedConnect, the main goal we had in mind was to help people. With that goal still in mind, we’re able to release our own line of WeedConnect CBD products. Now that industrial hemp has been made legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products are becoming more prevalent as they grow in popularity across the market.

They’re an excellent alternative for types of chronic pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and they stimulate sleep and appetite. These are just some of the many symptoms they have been studied to potentially help with or relieve in some way.

We understand how effective CBD has become for many people’s daily routines, which is why we wanted to offer a high-quality option that our consumers can always trust. CBD offers an option for pain relief, stress, anxiety, and much more. By selling CBD, we can help people find the relief they need, which is our ultimate mission.

Variety is one of the key focuses here at WeedConnect, which is why we give you so many options for ways to consume your CBD. Whether you prefer chewy CBD candies, CBD drops, capsules, or juice in a disposable vape pen, we aim to satisfy any consumer that might grow interest.