What is Weedconnect?

There were an estimated 182 million cannabis users worldwide in 2017 according to statistics from the UN World Drug Report. Of those, 40 million came from the United States alone. With that many cannabis users across the globe, we wanted to create a way for those users to interact with each other and feel closer as a community.

That’s how Weedconnect was born. We aim to create a social platform community that focuses on bringing cannabis lovers together to hang out in their favorite coffee shops worldwide.

As the cannabis industry skyrockets and prohibition slowly comes to an end, more marijuana brands are looking for new ways to reach their customers. People who have never tried the plant before are becoming increasingly willing to consume cannabis and seek new communities to participate in. To bring the two together, we created a platform where popular media can legitimate the cultivation and use of cannabis.

The Weedconnect Mission

Weedconnect aims to be the easiest option for weed lovers to find their favorite cannabis supplies. We aim to open the door for those same weed lovers to find high-quality coffee shops that they can connect with others in that share common interests with them.

Our goal is to connect cannabis users across the world and create an environment where they can speak and share their thoughts in a coffee shop, virtual or otherwise, along with other hangout spots around the globe.

What is Weedconnect?

A social platform here to tackle all the problems within the cannabis industry, Weedconnect is a powerhouse for weed retailers and cannabis enthusiasts alike. It’s a social platform for people that all have an aligned interest – weed.

Our social app makes it easy for people around the globe to connect. For more info about the Weedconnect app, check out our Weedconnect app page.

Problems with the Cannabis Industry

Weedconnect is here to tackle the biggest problems the cannabis industry faces. To highlight the most detrimental problems the industry faces, Weedconnect strives to help with:

• Preventing bottleneck purchases due to the significant increase in demand for cannabis supplements around the world.

• Eliminating the high transaction costs banks and other payment service providers may implement for cannabis products.

• Working as an alternative towards banks that offer no anonymity with purchases.

• Remaining honest and ridding the worry of false comments that appear in online dispensaries and stores.

• Removing the fear consumers have of harmful substances from cannabis cultivation not controlled by unauthorized distributors.

Weedconnect is Here to Help

The problems the cannabis industry faces can all be eradicated thanks to Weedconnect.

We work to rid the industry of bottleneck purchases from one supplier trying to dominate the market.

We strive to stay a safe payment platform alternative to eliminate the high transaction costs consumers and retailers can face from banks and other payment service providers.

We work to help you stay anonymous, no matter which side of the transaction you’re on.

We get rid of all false comments and paid reviews on our platform, so you can see the honest, transparent truth.

And we would never recommend a brand, product, or company that’s and unauthorized distributor or that provides harmful substances through their cannabis cultivation process.

No pesticides, no pollutants, no metals – we’re here to connect and have a good time. Weedconnect is the platform cannabis enthusiasts everywhere can trust.


Siri AI Integration – Simplify your social life by communicating via voice commands.


Easy to use User Interface – WeedConnect is the ultimate Cannabis Enthusiasts Social Platform


WeedConnect app can be used globally, find anything you need at the palm of your hands


Find Legal Weed supplies around you, or buy them on the app and have them shipped to your home. Pay with Crypto or Fiat.